Founder's Page

Having been with ADLER since its founding in 1978, I thought it would be useful to record my thoughts about notable accomplishments, past achievements, and future plans of everyone who is part of this school. I encourage you to contribute your thoughts and suggestions.

Linda Page, Founder & President Emerita

A New Year's Gift and a Request

by Linda J. Page -

Happy New Year!

At the end of 2016, ADLER adopted a Declaration supporting the right of everyone to live free of oppression and deprivation, in the belief that everyone is equally worthy:

“What we want for ourselves, we want for all.”

Looking back on 2019, I find myself mightily disturbed. Our earth is more degraded, more people are displaced by war and famine, racist/homophobic/misogynist terror is more vicious and common, the inequality gap is larger, and nuclear disaster is an increasing threat. In unprecedented protests across the globe, our youth are berating us for continuing “business as usual.” It is becoming more evident that we cannot keep doing what we have been doing and expect the human species to survive. We have been warned: do something different in the next 10 years or face calamity.

So, I ask myself, “What can I actually do to make a difference?” Are you asking this same question?

The Gift

As one small step, ADLER is providing you with a pouch of renewable bamboo cutlery so that we no longer have to stock plastic spoons, forks, knives, and straws in our kitchen. New students will receive their gift at Orientation and returning students at Colloquium. Everyone else will receive their gift at meetings or by request at the front desk.

We hope each of you will claim your gift and use it in place of the plastic items that are such a problem for our oceans, land, and wildlife

You may say this is just a tiny contribution to meeting the challenges facing the planet. So, I have a request.

The Request

This is one of my favorite Adlerian quotes: “No task it is an impossible task if it’s seen as a common task.” That is, it is more effective for 100 of us to take one step forward together than for one of us to take 100 steps alone.

My request is for each of us to engage in dialogue with at least one person that we have not spoken with about this before. What are your thoughts about what needs to be done? What are you doing already? How can we – families, friends, neighbours, cohort, school, community – take steps together to secure a sustainable and fair future?

We built this school on the sincere efforts of ordinary people, such as you and me, committed to a common task. Let us make 2020 a year of action together toward what we want for all.

- Linda Page